Indoor Exercises to Increase Your Heart-Rate

Workout mat with weights

Even for the most dedicated individuals, keeping up with a fitness regime during the winter months isn’t easy. If you don’t belong to a gym to exercise inside, here are a few fitness suggestions for working out in the comfort of your home:

  • Take the stairs! Work up a sweat by adding another round of climbing every time you use the stairs. Or, make your calf muscles burn by stepping up and down on the edge of the stair while reading a book or watching television.
  • Try planking. Get in the push-up position and hold the position for 30 seconds to one minute. Each day, try to hold the position longer and see how long you can go. This is a challenging exercise but it’s one of the best you can do for your core muscles.
  • Use a sturdy chair or low table to perform chair dips. Make sure the furniture is strong enough to hold your weight during the exercise. With your back to the furniture, place your palms on the edge of the chair. Bend your knees and dip your bottom down until your triceps are engaged. Perform several reps by extending and bending your arms.
  • Don’t just walk around your house, do lunges. Try doing lunges down the hallway and back. To make it more challenging, carry weights or water bottles.
  • Do jumping jacks and jump rope for a gr for a great cardio workout. When you’re watching television or sitting for a long period of time, get up during breaks and do a set of jumps for a few minutes.
  • As much as you may dislike it, cleaning is a great way to burn calories. Whether you’re vacuuming or mopping, cleaning your house is a great way to get moving.