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Aces High Blacklight

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Thrid-eye Candy

Throwback to a more psychedelic time with Aces High: Blacklight. Sure, we've lavished gorgeous and vivacious blacklight poster-inspired artwork upon this full 54-card deck, but it's not just a display piece. Printed on thick, premium .31mm plastic, these clear playing cards deal, shuffle, and play just as well as your old favorite deck. And unlike standard paper cards, plastic cards last longer, don't crease or tear, and are 100% waterproof. They're great for pool games, hot tubs, or the occasional spill.

Why You'll Love It: Most clear plastic cards cut corners and use .25mm plastic that feels flimsy and unsatisfying to shuffle, cut, and play with. Aces High premium PVC is .31mm thick, holds its shape better, and bends with just the right amount of resistance. They're as much of a tactile experience as a visual once. With over 100 hours of design time baked into each deck, our unique, blacklight poster-inspired celestial artwork is a labor of love. From every wrinkle and mustache hair on the sun kings, to every pupil in the sea of eyeballs adorning each cardback. Each 54-card deck comes with two Jokers (one orange monochrome Joker, as well as a full-color "Trump" Joker), has a standard index, and measures 3.5" x 2.5", poker wide.