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Pirate Hat with Dreadlocks

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Yo Ho Ho!

Settin' sail are we? Are you a cap'n? Prove it. There's no cap'n without a cap'n on yer head now. Yargh. Yo ho ho and a steal of a deal. What could be greater? A handful o' gold coins and a fair maiden at the port city that's what!

Why do pirate be wearin' fancy caps? No questions asked ye landlubbers! But seriously, how would yer know a pirate from a regular person if ye didn't see me wearin' my trusty pirate hat? I guess I still am missin' an eye and have a peg leg, but still.... Don't care if yer Cap'n Hook, Blackbeard, Sparrow, or Crunch, yer gonna need a cap if you want to join me crew. And remember, this is a kid's size hat so don't complain about the sizin' if yer an adult tryin' to wear it.

Yo Ho Ho, Again!

This unisex children's headwear is one size fits all, as long as yer head is smaller than a Kracken head. This pirate hat has built-in dreadlocks to take ye from a normal young kiddo to an authentic seadog! They'll perfectly complement a costume on Halloween night, trick-or-treating, theme parties, and costume contests. You can even scare grandma when ye show up to yer pirate birthday lookin' real! When yer done with 'it store it into a treasure chest or ol' Davy Jones' locker (I'm talkin' the spooky pirate one, not the singer)