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Allergy Medicine

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Ahchoo! Seasonal allergies are in bloom, and feeling better starts here. From tablets and capsules to sprays and liquids, send sniffles and sneezes packing with your go-to allergy medicine. You’ll find the right allergy medicine from brands you trust to help you feel your best…what a relief!

Kroger® Allergy Tablets 25 mg
$3.79 discounted from $4.49
Zyrtec® 24-Hour Allergy Relief Tablets 10mg
Benadryl® Allergy Ultratab Tablets 25mg
$4.89 discounted from $5.29
Zyrtec® Indoor & Outdoor Allergy Relief Tablets 10mg
Xyzal® 24 Hour Allergy Relief 5mg Tablets
$19.99 discounted from $20.99
Kroger® Allergy Tablets 25mg
Benadryl® Children's Cherry Liquid Allergy Relief
Kroger® Severe Daytime Non-Drowsy Sinus Congestion & Pain Caplets
$3.19 discounted from $4.19
Sambucol Black Elderberry Liquid For Kids
Kroger® Allergy Tablets 25mg
Beekeeper's Naturals Kid's Propolis Throat Spray
Claritin® 24 Hour Non-Drowsy Allergy Tablets 10mg
$10.69 discounted from $10.99
Benadryl Allergy Ultratab Tablets 25mg
Allegra® 24 Hour Non-Drowsy Indoor/Outdoor 180mg Allergy Relief Tablets
$19.99 discounted from $22.99