Bandana Bonanza

Pitcher of lemonade on badana's

Bring red, white and blue outdoors with patriotic and festive centerpieces. These DIY projects are as easy as gathering a stack of inexpensive red, white and blue bandanas (dollar and discount stores are great places to look) and assembling as desired. Wrinkle-free bandanas look best on the table, so you’ll want to iron any that look less than perfect.

If you’re good with needle and thread (or a sewing machine), you can stitch together any combination of colors and quantities – from individual placemats to a full tablecloth. You can also place the bandanas next to each other, without stitching, to create the illusion of a larger piece. Alternate colors or gather a few of the same for a more streamlined effect.

Another option is to place individual bandanas under vases of red, white and blue flowers, dessert displays, festive fruit salads and anything else that calls for a patriotic background. Bandanas can also be folded into smaller squares and used as coasters. If you fold them in half, then into vertical thirds you have napkins. Possibilities are nearly endless and effort is minimal on your part. After the party, send the bandanas home with guests as lovely party favors.