Graduation Party Diploma Scavenger Hunt

Rolls of white paper wrapped with black ribbon next to a Graduation Scavenger Hunt list

Created by: Greggy Soriano, Greggy’s Digest

Want a fun way to keep your guests entertained at your graduation party? This Graduation Scavenger Hunt Diploma Game is a quick and super easy idea for a game your guests can play.


  • White printing paper 
  • Black satin ribbon 
  • A composed list of graduation-themed items  
  • Basket


1. Compose a list of fun graduation-themed items for your guests to find. They can even be random things they might find in their bag or purse or around the house! Here's a list of ideas: 

  • Dollar bills to give to the graduate 
  • A picture on your phone or camera of you and the graduate wearing his graduation cap  
  • A store points card 
  • A blue pen  
  • Something with the words "Congratulations"or "Congrats, Grad!"  
  • A video on your phone or camera of the graduate dancing to the tune as you hum his graduation ceremony song 
  • A grocery receipt 
  • A pair of glasses 
  • Something with the school's logo on it 
  • A wristwatch 
  • A handwritten recipe for the graduate 
  • A checkbook 
  • An item bearing the graduate's school colors

2. Print copies of the Graduation Scavenger Hunt list.

3. Pre-cut black ribbon into 8” strips.

4. Roll the printouts into scrolls, tie them with the ribbon, and lay them in a basket.

5. Set up a sign next to the basket and have your guests go on a fun graduation hunt! The first person to get all the things on the list wins.