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Rave Reviews of Our Current Faves

Publish Date August 31, 2023 1 Minute Read
Author MyMagazine Staff

Check out these fresh new finds and staff favorites that you’ll want in your cart. From nutrient-packed juice to convenient presliced cheese, it’s bound to be a bountiful haul this fall.

Private SelectionTM Hickory BBQ with Aged Cheddar Creamy Macaroni & Cheese

Private Selection™ Hickory BBQ with Aged Cheddar Creamy Macaroni & Cheese

“My entire family loved this subtly sweet sauce and the rigate noodles. Even my toddler wanted seconds.”

–Jenna B.

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Simple TruthTM Allulose

Simple Truth™ Allulose

“I love that allulose has no calories and tastes like real sugar!”

–Sue C.

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Kroger Brand Orange 100% Juice

Kroger Brand Orange 100% Juice

“A deliciously easy way to start my day with a burst of vitamin C and no added sugar.”

–Kelsey G.

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Reese’s Plant-Based Chocolates, Simple Truth Organic Coconut Water and Private Selection Colby Jack Cheese Slices

Reese’s® Plant-Based Chocolates

Whether you’re vegan, looking to limit dairy or simply searching for a delicious plant-based delight, these plant-based chocolate peanut butter cups, made with oat flour and no dairy ingredients, are vegan treats that can be enjoyed anytime.

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Simple Truth Organic™ Coconut Water

Experience a quick tropical getaway with refreshing coconut water free from artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Enjoy it over ice or add a splash to a yummy fruit smoothie for a flavor boost.

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Private Selection™ Colby Jack Cheese Slices

Get your cheesy fix with these creamy colby jack cheese slices — a perfect marbled blend of mild colby and monterey jack cheeses. Add a slice to a burger or sandwich, or use them to create a tasty layer of cheesy goodness for a savory egg bake.

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