Fall Cleaning Checklist

Woman cleaning a window with a soapy sponge

Created by: Erin Sellin, Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts

Most people think of spring cleaning, but fall cleaning can be just as important. Here are five things you should do each fall to get you and your house ready for winter. Plus it can make spring cleaning a little easier!

Get the beds ready. Flip the mattress and get the winter blankets on all the beds in your house. If you flip the mattress at the same time each year, and do all the beds at once, there will be no guessing if it needs to be done. And if you have the blankets on the beds, you’ll be prepared for those chilly nights that sneak up on us.

Clean windows. After a summer of having the windows open, it’s time to clean up. Use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to clean the blinds and window sills. If you have washable curtains, throw them in the washing machine. And do a quick wipe down of the glass. All that grime from summer construction, trees and rain can build up quickly.

Organize closets. Take a few minutes and go through your summer clothes. If you didn’t wear something this year, you probably aren’t going to wear it next summer either. Put everything in bags and donate or have a garage sale. Starting fresh each year makes it easier to fill in what you might need, and get rid of the stuff you know you don’t.

Check pantry and fridge. Now is a good time to check expiration dates on the food in your kitchen. Summer often means farmers’ markets, fresh fruits and veggies, and less staple items. So check to make sure everything in your fridge and pantry is still good. If not, toss it, and start a grocery list to stock up for the next few months.

Check yard and outside. Do you have a hose you leave connected outside during the summer? Make sure you disconnect and bring it in before it gets cold. Check your doors and windows to make sure you don’t have any cracks and the seals look good. Take a quick walk around the outside of your house to make sure you have all of your summer stuff picked up. You don’t want any little shovels or yard gloves to get buried in the snow all winter.

Fall cleaning doesn’t have to be hard or involve a lot of work. Just a few quick things to make sure you’re ready for winter, and to make your life easier in the spring.