3 Office Organizing Tips

Pen and paper on wooden desk with cupcakes and plant

Created by: Ashley Torres, Pursuit of Shoes

Whether you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to get organized or you’re just looking to tidy up your office, here are three Pinterest-worthy tips that will have your space looking and feeling beautiful.

Cord Identification: How many times have you mistakenly grabbed a co-worker’s computer or cell phone charger thinking it was yours? Problem solved – wrap colored tape around the charger so you’ll always be able to identify your own. This tip is also perfect for families and roommates.

Reuse and Recycle: If you ever find yourself with pretty containers that you just can't throw away, think about using them on your desk. After burning through a candle, throw your binder clips into its empty hollow. Small jewelry or gift boxes make great “catch-alls” for gift cards, lip gloss and paper clips.

Think pretty: Instead of piling papers on your desk or filing them in not-so-exciting manila folders, use colorful magazine holders as filing accessories. This is a beautiful way to keep papers organized and visible on a desk or bookshelf.

These three simple tips have the potential to change the whole aura of your office space! Who doesn't want an office that's organized and inspiring?