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Designer Protein Native Whey Isolate Chocolate Milkshake

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Pure Power Performance

3-Part Muscle Mass Activator

Non-GMO, Grass Fed, Leucine-Rich, Native Whey Isolate

Cold filtered directly from milk without the denaturation of critical whey peptides typically found in most whey proteins, including isolates.

Free Form BCAAs & Glutamine

With added free form BCAAS, plus L-Glutamine which aids transport of Leucine into muscle cells.

Bioactive Peptides

Which stimulates insulin release, promoting protein synthesis leading to increased muscle mass and body strength.

Leucine - Protein Synthesis - Muscle Growth Potential

Clinically Proven Results

Superior Performance VS. Conventional Proteins

  • Higher potential power output during training. Example: Resistance Training
  • Increase in strength during training
  • Earlier muscle power recovery after intensive exercise

Free from Artificial Growth Hormones and Antibiotics

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