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Pines International Organic Wheat Grass Powder

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Wheatgrass Research

Charles Schnabel and a team of scientists began studying wheat grass in 1932. They determined the best climate, location, soils, stage of growth for highest nutritional density. They developed equipment to dry the wheatgrass at low temperatures. Pines follows these growing, harvesting, drying and packaging standards established by Dr. Schnabel.

Never Grown in Greenhouses or Trays

Pines Wheat Grass is grown in the same kind of glacial soils that produced the most nutritious wheatgrass in the research. It matures slowly, outdoors, during cold months. Freezing nighttime temperatures and cold days convert months of full sunlight into nutritional density, while the plant remains a short grass.

Discover total health by consuming more, dark, green vegetables and essential whole food fiber with Pine Wheat Grass.

The Vegetable Nutrition You Need - In an Instant!

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