Potted Areca Palm 1 Count (Approximate Delivery is 2-7 Days) Perspective: front
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Potted Areca Palm 1 Count (Approximate Delivery is 2-7 Days)

6-inch potUPC: 0081270802895
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The Areca Palm, also known as golden cane palm, yellow palm or butterfly palm can make any space a lush tropical paradise. Known for its thick feathery arching fronds this palm is one of the most popular because of its beautiful appearance. Although they can grow to a mature height of more than 10 feet, a young Areca makes a beautiful lush indoor plant in any size container. The Areca thrive in areas with plenty of sunlight and prefer their soil slightly moist to the touch. To beautify your plant use containers with drain holes to drain excess water and keep your plant healthy. Indoor house plants are proven to be excellent air purifiers that removes pollutants and chemicals from the air for healthy living. Studies show that house plants can decrease stress and anxiety and stimulate creativity. Great for yourself or as a gift!

  • A woodland plant native to full and partial shade, matures to 30 inches tall and is an excellent choice for a house plant. The Dypsis lutescens is the perfect indoor plant and the perfect gift!
  • Your Areca Palm plant loves well-drained, consistently moist rich soil. Protect your plant from the afternoon sun as it prefers shade for a majority of the day
  • The Areca Palm earns its common name from the colors. With hints of golden yellow and its alluring green color is a perfect fit for the summer
  • Fall foliage indoor houseplant is a great purifier for your home. Studies have shown that live plants in the home will reduce stress and improve mood increasing productivity and creativity