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Vitacost Raw X-Large Filberts (Hazelnuts)

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Plump, flavorful and fresh, Vitacost® Snacking Naturally™ Raw X-Large Filberts (Hazelnuts) offer a decadent accent to baked goods, cereals and more—or you can just snack on them!

And Vitacost® Snacking Naturally™ Raw X-Large Filberts (Hazelnuts) are more than just delicious. They’re also:

  • High in protein, fiber, iron and other essential nutrients
  • Shelled and ready to enjoy!

These filberts are simply the best—naturally.

Did you know?

A filbert is a type of hazelnut, which comes from the hazel tree.  History of this nut dates back to approximately 7000 BC, in an area near what is now known as Scotland. In contemporary times, hazelnuts are produced in commercial quantities in Oregon and Washington states in the U.S. and in Turkey, Italy, Greece, the country Georgia, and the Catalonia region of Spain.

Filberts have an annual harvest, in autumn. The nuts drop from trees on their own, rather than being taken down by mechanical equipment, for optimal freshness. Machines sweep through hazel tree orchards several times a year to collect this natural bounty.

A common ingredient in confections such as pralines and chocolate truffles, filberts also are used to flavor liqueurs, coffees and oils.

Ideas for using Vitacost® Snacking Naturally™ Raw X-Large Filberts (Hazelnuts)

  • Chop and add to baking mixes and cereals
  • Puree to make hazelnut butter
  • Sautee and add to entrees for an extic sweet accent
  • Toss in your favorite salad

About Vitacost® Snacking Naturally™

Snack naturally! Vitacost® Snacking Naturally™ are all-natural, portable superfoods. Fuel your body the right way with plant-based goodies that will refresh your energy stores. Gathered fresh from local farms and poured into eco-friendly, resealable bags, Vitacost® Snacking Naturally™ offer the perfect foodie fix, anyti

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